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Friday, August 31, 2012

Countdown to Homeless

August 31, 2012

Here I am, my last day in my apartment before I leave Los Angeles.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  My landlady is a real nice person and has allowed me to spill a few days into September.  Even after that, I have planned to stay a few days with my friend John to take care of some last minute business.  However, it seems that it doesn’t get any more last minute than this: I am sitting in my last chair and looking at what is not an entirely empty apartment.  Despite the load of a dozen or so boxes I have already taken to shipping and the dozen or so boxes scattered around the floor awaiting shipping, there is still so much!  I still have a fair amount of furniture that I have enlisted “Craig” to help sell, but he isn’t as diligent as you may expect.  That leaves two bookshelves, a computer desk, a large kitchen table, my TV, wall-mount, and 5.1 surround sound speakers.  Plus, I have a load of knick-knacks that just don’t fit into any boxes.
            I am not a strict planner by any means; sitting in my easy chair on the last day of August in an apartment that should be a lot emptier than it is, may tell you just that.  That said, I am great at making a loose outline.  After I depart here, on whatever day seems worthy at the time, I will make way to San Francisco where I will spend a number of weeks.  When I am ready, and I have received proper correspondence from the wind, I will embark on the true journey. 
            What I have planned is a tour of the United States, staying with friends in various cities as I cross the country destined for a small town in South Carolina where I was born and raised.  That’s right, a long tour of America and I’m not even running for President!  But, just like those guys, I will be learning all about the places I visit and the people that live there.  There are so many beautiful places and people in this country and part of my mission is to seek it all out. 
            This trip does hold certain expectations and a wide range of unknowns.  I have traveled much in my life, both in the US and globally, but this trip will hold many states and cities that I have never been to and am eager to explore; not the least of which are two of America’s finest National Parks: Yosemite and Yellowstone.  Ready or not, it looks to be happening.
            As I said before I had already shipped a full carload of boxes using Amtrak.  I did not know that they performed that service, but word of mouth is a powerful thing.  Apparently they are not allowed to advertise that service and will not be giving any royalties to yours truly for this little excerpt.  So, I shipped what seemed completely useless for the trip and tried to prepare all the things I would need and fit them into my small economy Honda.  I have separated a load of supplies containing camping gear, a good range of clothes, and things that just could not ship like artwork or media equipment and musical instruments.  Looking at what I have separated, I have sardonic high expectations of what will fit in my car.  All that is left is to ship the rest of the boxes and breakdown the rest of my place, and pack up the car…. It’s not like this is the last day!

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