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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


September 19, 2012

The drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco is not a special one.  I have done it many times, and it seems to be a standard drive for those who live in either city.  There was something about the repetition of it that broke on Sunday night.  Maybe it was the feeling that I’m actually starting the journey.  I have surely left Los Angeles behind, and even though it was a long time coming, now it’s done.  10 years in that spot is over.  Definitively.  Whatever gradual release I was hoping for or trying to create has ended with a period.  And now it’s just the past. 
Despite the fact that I know this drive, it was different.  Maybe it’s because I’m different.  I could manifest the sensations of new roads and new destinations.  Maybe the road to Yellowstone is just like I-5; being passed by AMG Mercedes and Aston Martins.  I’m sure that’s how people in Montana live!  The prospects of the unknown just make me smile with anticipation.  My mind races to all possibilities.  The positives of traveling into the far off places, the wilderness, big sky, rustic towns filled with smiling faces, new individuals, and who knows what else.  Of course, my mind battles with the negatives too, health, well-being, and just the monotony of the road.  All this flashes by in a split second and enhances my smile.  What does the world hold for me?

Of course, the music in my collection will help pave the way.  Now, let me start with a little intro about the music.  Everyone thinks that their music library is without comparison, but let me tell you this: Yours does not come close to not comparing with mine.  I have it all.  All the classics you know and love plus the independent and underground shit that you’ve never heard.  I have eclectic tastes pretty much all-round, so my music spans all genres.  I know how this sounds, and I’m not one to brag about anything, but this is the only area of my life where it’s completely deserved.  My IPod is only 16GB and I just installed a device in the back of my stereo to play it.  I did it myself, and am pretty proud that I didn’t destroy my dash doing it.  But now that it is all at my fingertips, 16GB is not enough space.  I will have to update it with the library from my computer if I want to hear more than 7 percent.  Nonetheless, it is amazing.  I should have done this years ago.  Now with my mood catered to throughout the miles, it’s all about destinations.  I cant help but think of Robert Plant when he cant find the Bridge. 

The Bay Bridge delivered me safely into San Francisco where I will be staying for the better part of three weeks.  I’m staying in my good friend Ken’s room as we have traded places; he moved to LA while I’ll live in SF.  I will be here with his family as I research the destinations of my trip.  His family is absolutely amazing.  It is his mother and father as well as his sister, her husband, and two kids.  I have spent two days investigating the Northwest United States and have penciled it in the log.  Dates and routes are up for changes, but I will come up with some loose itinerary that will keep me on a course.  It is already going well and I will let you know the details very soon.
I spent part of yesterday listening to Taira, a 7 year old girl, show off her mother’s old jewelry box as she tried on the clip-on earrings.  Taira is Ken’s niece (Ken seen in the picture of the send off crew 2nd to the left), but she still calls me Uncle Matt.  The jewelry box was quite a piece.  It was handcrafted wood, with decorative accents including jade carvings.  (Just a tip for any of you out there: you can tell real jade from the fake stuff if it is cold to the touch.)  And despite the craftsmanship of the box and the history it held, it did not come close to the awesomeness of this little girl.  Her earnest eagerness to connect was so engaging.  If you’ve ever heard the stories of the innocence of children then you know exactly what I’m on about.  They are living pockets of potential that expand in every direction.  It is no doubt proof that no matter how precious your belongings are, even the newest of human beings is worth infinitely more.  Needless to say, I was captivated by her stories and tried to tap into that feeling of purity and whimsy staring me in the face. 

The start is so good.  I can’t wait for things to come. 

Taira and the Jewelry box

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  1. Sounds like you're ready for the trip. Too bad you don't have a couple of interesting audio books for a change of pace, but I guess the variety of music will be a change in itself.

    Lovely young lady.