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Friday, September 7, 2012

Take it Slow

September 7, 2012

            A week later, and I’m still in LA.  In the end, I had to take two more carloads to Amtrak for shipping due to my inability to assess my belongings and their inevitable volume. 
            I have been looking at this stuff for far too long.  Too many hours have been spent thinking about all of it, moving stuff around, boxing items, losing things, finding them again, and ultimately packing them away.  Everything left makes up the final carload, the one that will be coming with me on my long journey.  Truth be told, I probably could have shipped even more, but again: I’m shitty at this. 
Yesterday was the first night I woke up without my apartment or bed or acai bowl ready to break my fast.  Things are changing fast, and even though I am in charge of it, it is still shocking to experience it as it goes along. 
            I slept at my friend Jon’s place in Toluca Lake, and it looks like I will be here for a few days at least.  I still have a few errands to run and a photo project to complete here in LA.  
            The great thing at the beginning of a journey is that there is no rush.  I have no obligations other than what my heart demands.  Sujestion of the day: take it slow.  There is so much to gain out of this world, even in a city that I am ready to leave.  Taking it slow causes the negative stuff to slowly fade away and the positive ones then begin to rise up.   You have a chance to calm your mind and truly observe life instead of expect things from it.  
            For instance: LA traffic is notorious.  Rush hour seems to last all day.  But now that I have nowhere to be in particular, the traffic isn’t as infuriating.  I’m not going to be late for anything so there is no rush.  It opens my mind to the beautiful woman passing by that I may have missed staring at some break lights.  It reveals sidewalk cafes that you never noticed before.  Even the simple majesty of wind blowing through palm trees with a perfect blue sky backdrop will ground you to a sense of calm and clarity.  That being said, sitting at a red light when someone refuses to make a right turn tempers the road warrior inside me.  Of course, I look over at all the disgruntled drivers annoyed at everyone else and smile.  I look for that inner peace, because their struggle is not mine and should not affect me.  Still I will be reminded of the selfish nature and “me first” attitude that causes all this traffic in the first place.  There is no sense of camaraderie; it’s just every man against everyone else.  That mentality seems so lonely.  Something about that idea reminds me of Obama’s speech last night. 

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