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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The LA Way

September 8, 2012

            This is a weird town.  There’s no other way of saying it.  The people you meet can stretch from the extremes of just starting in the “Industry” to being an Oscar Award winning individual with worldwide fame… in the “Industry”.   And they will all tell you, “this town is nuts”. 

            As I am gearing up to leave, it is just the time that a few of my IMDB credits are being displayed, and Industry connections are winding up, and the job market seems to be picking up.  It seems like the exact wrong time to make a move, but happenstance is a perfect representation of how this town works.  There is always a momentum that builds in the air and tells you things are going to happen.  From the start, I have always had a perception of this momentum that builds and holds the carrot in front of your face telling you to keep moving.  As time goes on and cycles repeat themselves, it reveals whether that carrot is actually achievable or not.
It’s like the wind is speaking to you, and I typically believe that when the wind speaks, you should listen.  But in some way, Los Angeles manufactures it’s own wind.  This wind is an artificial cyclone that has builds with the addition of every breath coming from every open mouth pushing out their story or pitch to sell you on them.  And if you pay attention in these moments, you can separate reality from fiction.  It is up to each and all of us to be aware of this air in whatever place we find ourselves.    People all across this country are trying to sell you on themselves.  Even me!  Listen to my story….
            I’m not sure if any of you have noticed that Marketing and Advertising has become a more valued tool in our society, both in a corporate macro viewpoint and an individual human one.  We don’t have to make quality products as much as we have to convince you to buy them.  The former is shockingly displayed in this race for the President of the United States, where facts and figures are up against advertising and propaganda.  Now, I don’t consider myself a Democrat, but my whole life there has only been a two party system.  Just about everyone who has had that conversation feels that having a third party constantly in the mix would be a good thing, but here we are.  Anyway, I consider myself more of an Independent and somehow I resort to using intellect to prepare my vote.  After watching each of the parties make their pitch to the American people last week, objectively, it was night and day.   It was facts and figures versus the expressed platform denying the need for facts or figures.  And do you know what? – There are people still on the fence.  This country is split.  That’s how strong Marketing and Advertising can be.  You don’t need the quality product; you just need to convince people to be on your side even if being on your side means going against themselves.  It is a powerful tool.  Whether it’s people like the Kardashians promoting self-centered vanity and intellectual vacancy, making those things popular or political campaigns that can use any amount of disinformation to change the country, it’s all thanks to Marketing and Advertising. 
            I feel like the solution lies somewhere in the realm of social awareness, which does take a certain amount of self-awareness.  I just hope the option to live and thrive over time isn’t trumped by the desire to temporarily boost our egos in the short run. 

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