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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Your "Majesty"

September 23, 2012

Back in a world where people crowned themselves rulers of nations, kings and queens fought over titles and deeds against rebels and warlords of old.  Castles and monuments were built in the name of this and that.  Children grew and learned of a mighty name born from this Earth or not.  The generations forged the long road to our present day.  People built many renowned things establishing schools of mathematics and architecture.  All of this was going on in the “Ancient World”.  You know, the only one that we have a written history and the one taught in schools, the eventual Europe.   But all through those ancient times, all the way until the end of the 15th century there were the Native Tribes of what would later be called, America. From here, we have no written history.  Much of it is lost and what is left just a fraction of its former glory.  Here, they built no permanent structures or cities or fences.  Just pure land.  Their monument was not to build any monuments.  Sure, there were mountains of stone far to the south that were the home to bloody sacrifices, but up here was unaltered country from sea to sea.  They had many of the same struggles as the ones in the history books, I’m sure.  Well, I’m guessing.  They were not on the same path and did not discover the same philosophies or mathematics, but they did figure out that the world was not flat long before they were interrupted.  Not only that, but they knew the size and diameter of the Earth, and it’s relationship to the sun and moon.  They also knew not to fuck with the Earth!  
So the two histories are on polar opposites, and there is significance in both.  When I fly in an airplane, all the cities look like litter piled in different areas.  It’s not to say that I don’t think flying in an airplane is an amazing achievement.  We should be able to have society advanced enough for something like that.  However, I don’t think it has to take our destructive path to receive those advances.  Hell, we cant even serve food to our population properly and that’s the most basic of things.  There has to be a middle ground.  Yes, this is my naiveté before I set out through the country, but rest assured that I will enjoy each and every one of the cities I visit and their individual perspectives.  That said, I am really looking forward to the wilderness. 
As I’ve stated before, I’m looking to go through Yellowstone National Park and camp out for about a week or week and a half depending on a few factors.  My ability to become food for a bear or cultivate enough food for myself are the ones sticking out most in my mind.  I know the cold will be more than my thin Los Angeles skin can take, but I’m gradually getting used to it.  As I have been doing my research, it is becoming clear that no one goes there during the fall and winter.  At least, not enough people to keep certain things open.  I was getting kind of nervous this whole week checking things out.  The roads will be open if weather permits, so I’ll have to wait on that call.  I saw that park facilities or even the campgrounds may be closed and that caused a mini panic.  Further investigation into more national parks in the area spurred a yelp of joy and found that almost all of them are open year round.   I plan on staying under the big sky of Montana for a good few nights before entering further into Idaho and Wyoming.   I don’t know why, but there’s something magical about that state to me.  I imagine clear air all they way to the stars.  Overwhelmed by images of a big blanket night with a galaxy shinning through.   I can’t wait to lie on my back and stare up at the lonely sky.  Me and the world looking out through the only window we both know, all the while getting the slightest sense of something behind the lights hard at work building the majesty of the next day.  I could first imagine this from the confines of corporate walls.  What took me so long?
The word is, my arrival is the exact time when everyone else starts clearing out.  Perfect!  Don’t think it is lost on me why everyone clears out.  I’m all smiles over here.  

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