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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

F%#*ing Children

Ok, I didn’t want to mention this, I was going to keep it to myself, but life really wants me to feel this, and now you have to listen.  I removed this from my Yosemite post, but it belongs.  Maybe you all know what I'm on about...

I’m not a parent nor do I have kids somewhere that I don’t parent; not parenting is the subject at hand.  You may say that it’s not my place because I don’t have kids, and I couldn’t possibly know any better.  To that I say, Bullshit!  Parents don’t get a merit badge for having kids.  All of civilization exists, both here and by our enemies abroad, all because of people having kids… it’s nothing special.  In fact, it’s super routine.  What is alarming me, and the subject of today’s rant is that bad parenting is becoming super routine.  As I said, I was going to let this go, but my trip into Yosemite presented more examples of how shitty parents are taking over. 
Starting off, last week Nick and I drove up to Mendocino and spent the weekend camping - I told you about it.  The thing I left out was our stop at In-and-Out Burger.  While enjoying our Double Doubles, there was a small child about 5-6 years old running around the entire franchise screaming the word “Oy”.  I don’t think he was an old Jewish lady trapped in a little boy’s body, but he must have just liked the way it sounded.  Regardless, this little monster was running around and around screaming this syllable.  We ordered, sat, ate and were leaving while he continued to do this.  At several points, I almost pulled an Adam Sandler and yelled, “Shut the Fuck up you little kid!”, which would hopefully make him cry and the people of In and Out would stand and cheer aloud.   Much to my regret, I didn’t do that.  I did however notice that there was a Bible group split up among the restaurant, part of which was in the booth next to us.  They were a typical white bread oblivious clan whose sense of humor still revolved around drinking straws up your nose and lame sarcasm.  In any event, they were traveling in their group spreading ‘the word’.  They must have been, because they sure weren’t practicing it.  It turns out that little boy terrorizing every customer in there, and causing kind of a hazard, belonged to that group.  Now I grew up in Bible Belt America and am no stranger to hypocrites.  But aren’t you supposed to be respectful to your neighbor?  That is a part of their own practice, right?  Not only did the parents not seem to care about their kid’s actions (or the well being of everyone in the vicinity), but also they thought it was cute.  On what grounds to these people think they should procreate? …as well as teach other people how to live?! 
That was the first one that I let slide, but after this weekend I thought you should know...  
Yosemite would have been a great place to wake up on my own; feel the air, rub my eyes, and stumble out of the tent.  However, every morning the screaming children of the neighboring families served as my alarm clock.  Apparently, two families met for a weekend of camping and brought a total of three helpless children whose only response to just about everything was to scream and cry.  It was like a rooster’s crow at the start of each day.  The parents, of course, do nothing about this except dote after their every poorly timed whim.  The first morning, one of the two boys ran straight into my tent... where I was sleeping.  He didn’t run inside it, you know through the door.  That would have been a completely different experience entirely.  He actually ran into the outer wall of the tent, inches from my head.  I couldn’t even comprehend how that was possible.  Parents, how do you let your children do that?!  I mean, is he running into trees, walls, or cars, or traffic?  Seems they should be on the lookout for those sort of tendencies.  Anyway, with confusion as my first waking moment giving way to anger, I took a breath and lay back down.  Then the other of the two boys stood out side of my tent door and just screamed, “Mommy”.  Now, some of you may expect the parents to apologize or at least acknowledge this has happened.   Well, don’t hold your breath.  Remember, shitty parents make shitty children.  Shitty children grow up to become shitty adults.  They then have children of their own.  The cycle never ends.  
So, every morning started with a similar situation, and never once did the parents take any responsibility.  Again, you may say to me, “but you don’t have kids so you don’t know”.  And maybe you’re right, but I just think that’s a copout.  Having unruly kids is nothing new, and it doesnt release you from general responsibility.  In fact, it should tie you more to it.  It is the ultimate test in responsibility and even more so.  You must teach the art of responsibility yourself.  Every generation in every civilization since the dawn of man has had to deal with rambunctious children.  So, with a grain of ignorance and solid belief: if you have shitty children, you are a shitty parent.  Don’t argue, don’t deal with it - just do better. 
Rant over.

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