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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Move, Jagger!

October 14, 2012

This morning I woke to the sounds of “Moves Like Jagger” blasting from a PA near by.  I assume Golden Gate Park, but I cant be sure.  The song is ok, but it has been playing back to back for hours now.  I’m not sure the fascination or the event going on in the distance, but one thing is for sure, they’re pop song fans.  I know the song, and as I said, it’s ok.  It is not close to my favorite but definitely one of the few parts of pop culture that connects me to the masses.  I rarely go with the grain and it stands out in my mind when I can identify with other people’s fascinations concerning pop culture.  Just before leaving Los Angeles, my friend Jon introduced me to a show called the Voice and one of the judges, Adam Levine.  I had no idea who he was and why he was so popular (other than being a tall tattooed good looking white guy).  He says, “you know that song, Moves like Jagger by Marroon 5, that’s the lead singer”.  Everyone knows that song even before it played dozens of times back to back this Sunday morning.  So, now I know who this Adam Levine is, why this show called the Voice is popular, as well as a song that’s still hitting the charts since mid 2011.  I may be able to connect to the masses for another year or so!
This morning I woke as I did everyday this week: on my friend Beau’s couch.  If you may remember, I met Beau at the beginning of this month.  I have no doubt that having our mutual and sorely missed friend, Ken, must have greased the wheels.  San Francisco can be a kick ass place.  The people and friends I’m meeting are all pretty amazing.  Last night we went out to the Mission for Leslie’s birthday and had tapas and drinks.  I also had half a dozen oysters, which were really cheap and friggin awesome.  All of these people are new to me.  I haven’t really known any of them for more than a couple of weeks and I’m partying with them like one of the crew and staying on couches with open arms.  It is really an amazing feeling compared to the daily paranoia living inside the people of LA.  All this camaraderie makes me wonder what my old friends are doing.  Nate has been MIA this whole time!  We hung out that one time and it seems he has been busy for weeks.  It is strange to be in a new city where I am melding so well with strangers and find it so difficult with old friends.  Is that the way life works now?  Either way, I am taking it in stride and keeping only positive feelings, and I am having a great time.   Also last night, I met an older black man with really rough hands.  Derek was a chef and like so many people these days, he was looking for work.  He randomly sat down at our party and at first glance seemed to have a bad attitude.  He plopped down in the chair with a grimace and started silently eating a cupcake with his beer.  He certainly looked out of place in this late 20 something crowd filled mainly with white coeds, with the exception of myself, Yusef and Shamia.  Searching for a spot to drink his beer, he found us.  We got into a random conversation about people and culture, Los Angeles, Portland, and even South Carolina.  There are real people everywhere, you just have to look through the façade.  He was a good guy and I hope he finds work soon. 
My new friend Beau is a musician and singer/song writer.  He’s at band practice right now, but plays with multiple groups with stark professionalism.  He used to front The Dead Westerns and now plays organ for a band called the Bad Backs as well as works on his own latest project under the duo, Betsy and Beau.  It’s all solid stuff. 
San Francisco seems to be a small town.  Everyone seems to know each other or a mutual someone.  There is a ton of music and they all know each other’s struggle.  In this city, there is definitely a division line between the struggling artists and the smugness you may recall from a certain South Park episode.  I have only been immersed in the gritty artist side, and I must tell you, I fit in pretty well here.  Maybe I’ll look for a job.  

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