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Friday, November 16, 2012


November 16, 2012

I’ve been in Boulder, CO for over a week now.  It’s been the first chance I’ve had to really relax, check the internet, and take my time in a single spot.  It has become quite clear how amazing modern technologies are.  After camping in the freezing cold and that one time in just the raw forest, I've come to appreciate things like: take-out, Wi-Fi, hot water, and a nice warm bed, which are all popular for a good reason. 
I’m not going to mention professional construction, but even compared to a self made cabin or a teepee, a flimsy tent is cold and the volume of the wind is startling (no offense Josh, it’s really an amazing tent!).  I used an air mattress the whole time and it actually gave out on one of the last nights out there.  It was nice but surely couldn’t compete with a sturdy bed.  And no matter how safe I actually was, I couldn’t help think how heightened all my senses would get if a giant animal came poking around the other side of that nylon sheet.  I kept manifesting a large bear or a pack of wolves curiously sniffing around. Maybe I left a little food or a wrapper around?  How intense would that be?  Well as far as the future holds, the teepee or self made house isn’t out of the question.  The whole area is filled with such beauty.  It’s not very productive to drive the car through it.  You just want to stop every ten seconds to gaze or even run the whole country up and down, back and forth like Forrest Gump.  I happened to drive the exact route in Utah that Forrest stops running and says something like “I don’t feel like… runnin”.  Then presumably walks home from there or takes a cab from Salt Lake all the way back to Greenbow.  I don’t really know - they leave that part out. 

I’m staying with my good friend who I’ll try to keep anonymous… We’ll refer to her as E. Harrison… No, wait that’s way too obvious, lets just call her Emily H.  Now I love Emily to death!  We met in college about 13 years ago and I think we immediately got along.  It’s not like we told each other our most intimate secrets or kept in touch every step of the way, but we became real good friends very easily. I have mad respect for her.  She is smart, has a great sense of humor, she is a very talented actress and runs a theater company.  She also has her PHD and teaches at CU-Boulder.  She’s an amazing person all round and I’m lucky to be able to stay here for some time.  I have my own room and bed and great company surrounding me.  Oh, and it’s not like she’s going to read this and be all touched and embarrassed – she knows; we’re human beings and talk to each other.  And it’s not like she doesn’t say half that stuff over and over, “yeah I get it, ‘PHD’, real cool.”  Anywho, maybe I’m sharing too much…
This is a picture of Emily sleeping

It feels as if I am getting the taste of modern life again.  There are regular showers, dependable electricity currents, my phone hasn’t died this whole time, and I’ve had acai breakfast bowls three times this week.  Emily has cool friends and is showing me around town every chance she gets.  I’m really enjoying my time here and plan to spend a little longer. 
This is an Acai Bowl

This country is filled with the most inspiring horizons, cliff sides, mountains, skylines and three-hour sunsets that allow you to witness heaven from creation to collapse every night.  Places where the skies are clear hold a special treat for the stargazer.  It is a hypnotic vision, and as the blood pools in the back of our heads while looking up and aiding the trance, we are pulled out of our consciousness and into the heavens.  An organic pattern of lights set against the layers of nothingness that, in the distance of space, creates that utter void of black sky.  It’s light years of emptiness until my eyes reach each burning white light.  In reality it’s more like the light itself has been searching that distance to reach my eyes.  If you stare long enough the Milky Way will appear, and out here it did, quickly.  It’s clear ribbon of stars that cuts across all the constellations we in the northern hemisphere grew up with.  It’s a bold gaze into the infinity; one that I believe speaks to the souls of our ancestors inside each of us.  It does to me.  The complicated mix of blood and history that has navigated time and earth to maintain it’s presence in our veins knows this sight.  It will forever know it and pass that deep understanding to the future of human kind.  And as far as it pulls me up, it also has a grounding affect.  A feeling of assuredness comes over me, a sense that where I’m standing and what I’m doing is what and where I’m supposed to be that very moment.  It strengthens my ability to become completely clear of what’s around me and capable of overcoming any obstacle.  It is that heightened sense of awareness that I am searching for and trying to fill my every waking moment, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  It is the ability to live more life in any given second.  Water glistens my eyes and a cold dry chill enters my nose as I take in the universe.  Life is miraculous and I am alive!

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