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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Horse's Pill Mouth

Have you noticed this country has recently got the diagnosis of low T?  How is it that all of a sudden there are so many advertisements pumping testosterone at America?  Are they all just sitting on these formulas just waiting for the FDA or precedents to be set so they can hit the market?  I have a feeling that all of these big drug companies have created a library of ridiculous drugs and are doing just that.  As soon as one gets one into the market they all push the button and flood the gates.  In this case they’re flooding them with testosterone, and high concentration recipes at that. 
It’s no secret that people don’t want to get old.  Women don’t want to lose their beauty, and men don’t want to lose their virility.  It’s perfectly understandable.  But in this day and age where people are used to getting their own way, no matter how particular it could be, we are staring at the inevitable in sheer denial.  We are inventing any and every way possible to slow or stop that process.  Now I’m all for raw foods, a healthy balanced meal, exercise, meditation, good judgment, whatever your into.  But the problems with creating chemical drugs to mitigate the natural world are the repercussions.
If you just heard the list of side affects to some of these high concentrated doses it would be enough for one man’s bathroom to literally change the direction of the biology of our species.  Not to put that lawyer’s fine print voice in your head, but the side effects can include women growing mustaches and children showing signs of puberty.  All of this so old men can continue to have sex with the younger wives they could afford to have.  It really doesn’t seem fair for the future of our population to suffer for a few individuals’ selfish needs.  In addition, high levels of hormones like this cannot be completely cleaned from our finite and recycled water system.  It is the same water system with the ever- increasing concentration of artificial hormones that our grandchildren will be drinking.  Who knows what future problems await us that modern day science fiction has already predicted. 
Now in a bout of hypocrisy, I have always been in favor of “the pill”.  We live in a complicated world and I suppose I am selfish about a few things.  But it is also a hormone that gets introduced into our ecosystem that can’t wash out.
Over time these introductions will take it’s toll on our biology and influence our way of life in possible drastic ways. 
But what interests me is the influx of similar drugs that all come out at similar times.  This is not the only time something like this has happened.  It’s like how movie studios release identical movies to compete for audience share.  Now, coming from my time in Hollywood, I know for a fact that the business world is directly influenced by the social world.  People talk and secrets are spilled and competition is birthed.  They know that someone is making a movie about a killer volcano and the market gets hit with more spontaneous volcano movies than most people would think possible.  It happened. 
I don’t know if one pharmaceutical company has spies in another and they just work on the projects the other guy is investing in, or if they all just work on the craziest flights of fancy that man has been dreaming of for decades.  (Of course not cancer cures see “My Two Cents”).  What I mean is the ones that can bring a profit.  And apparently the ones that bring a profit also cost people more than money.  People sacrifice many aspects of their quality of life to cope with the natural course of life. Again, they are not just sacrificing certain aspects of their own lives, but putting lives not yet born in jeopardy. 
If they indeed are expecting these intense concentration of hormones and drugs to become legal, who knows what else they’re sitting on, waiting for the day America will accept the next crazy life enhancement.  

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