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Friday, December 7, 2012

Two Cents!

Let me just say something about marijuana.   It is a gateway drug…. only because it is illegal.  Now, some kid that doesn’t know any better could end up buying weed from the same guy who also sells hard drugs.  He thinks to himself, “I get these things at the same place, they must be similar”.  Wrong!  Because it is illegal and forced to be hidden from everyday light, it may get confused for the really bad drugs.  But I don’t believe it is just a gateway drug.  Again, because it is illegal, it is a gateway everything. 

So, I know a guy who was arrested and spent the night in jail, a few nights ago.  It’s all really stupid.  But police and officials treat harmless marijuana users just the same as rapists and murderers.  Sure the length of time is different, but the process and attitude is the same.  First, they all get cuffed in the back!  (Which, I think is a part of our society that we stopped paying attention to.)  With all our crime dramas and sensationalizing of celebrity court cases, did we forget that they used to cuff people in the front?  When I was a kid, police only back cuffed the really violent and deranged people.  Now, they do it to everyone!  Seems strange to me, but then again, the whole process is awfully official. 
Anyway, after being processed, stripped searched, printed, and photo’d, he waited in a large white solid room with a solid metal bench thinner than the width of a small body.  16 hours later, after seeing a judge, and bond posted, he was released.  Now he had been up all night long in a freezing cold room.  He was booked with his jacket but they refused to let him have it for fear of using it as a suicide aid.  But they were more than happy letting him catch his death of cold on their watch (He lived;).  They suggested sleep in the long night of the winter in the desert on a metal bench.  Needless to say it was all paperwork and red tape.  For fear of getting sued, the states and counties have to sacrifice, in part, the very point of their existence that our society demands.  It’s about the protection of its citizens, general safety, service to the public, and the attempted rehabilitation of wayward souls.  I’m not sure it accomplishes all that.  But then again, I question the goals anyway.  What is it all about?  We may not ask that enough.

This guy gets pulled from his car (not causing harm to anyone or anything), kept awake all night, and then released back on the road in the morning.  With no sleep and no food, he is now more likely to be a danger behind the wheel!  I say no food, but there was a tray of edible puddles.  Imagine biscuits and gravy without the biscuit, just the gravy, and probably not the good kind.  Look, I get it; he comes back and says, “jail’s not supposed to be comfortable”.  And he’s right.  But, everyone receives the same treatment as really bad guys who do really bad things, and again, to someone who doesn’t know better (and we have a lot of those in our society), they may not see the harm in going that next step in criminal hierarchy.  I say we remove Marijuana from that hierarchy and stop the vicious cycle. 
…Baby steps
besides, this is going to exist regardless

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