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Monday, February 11, 2013

1 Beats 2

            If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of hearing about the second amendment and what the founding fathers must have meant by putting it in the Constitution.  When it was written, the power of the gun was the most powerful force one man could posses to conquer or defend.  They envisioned a world where the peaceful public could protect themselves and their free state from oppressive forces. 
            Many people believe that our government now is that oppressive force.  They are shouting so loud and with such tunnel vision that they have become an oppressive force themselves.  There is talk of all kinds, discussing the reasons why we should take a second look at our Second Amendment.  There are violent voices speaking out against our government using the Second Amendment as fodder for their rhetoric.  But the founding fathers left a whole constitution in which we should design this free state.  The Second Amendment is there for the average citizens to have the right to militia and protect it.  I ask: What good is the Second Amendment when we scrap all the rest. 
            After the many gun related deaths and tragedies that have befallen our nation in the recent months, many things have been blamed.  There was research done about violent movies and video games.  We talk of drug wars and race wars in the middle of this recessed economy, which members of congress are doing nothing to fix.  I have heard all sorts of moderate to extreme proposals for gun control solutions, for which the opposing side always says, “That will do no good”.  So we do nothing. 
            Another thing I’ve heard over and over is that “we need to get back to God” or some rhetoric of that nature.  People are pushing for prayer in schools and to establish this as a Christian nation.  Now, this goes against exactly why the First Amendment was written.  The founding fathers, though religious in their own right, were completely unwavering when it came to their thoughts on religion and a free state.  It was clear that the church and the state should be separate and not influence each other.  But in response to this Second Amendment argument, many have been overlooking that separation.  They claim that it is our state’s break with religion that has caused this social downturn. 
            Well, I have a different argument.  Again, we had no problem jumping in head first with the violent movies and video game angle of which the research proves that that is not the answer.  Conservatives looked for nations that subscribe to the same social norms as we do and draw a line signifying how they also kill each other.  But that wasn’t the case.  America stood out as the violent one, and all the pundits and politicians scratched their heads while pandering to their bases.  After making excuses to keep funding from education and well-needed social programs, no one can figure out what makes our nation so violent.  Many looked at everything they disagreed with and tried to write a narrative that fits, in hopes of abolishing that aspect of our culture.  However, there is one aspect that does tie us to all the extremely violent nations on this Earth.  That aspect is Religious Fanaticism.  No matter what religion you are talking about, it is the fanatics that make it spoil.
            I have no problem with a person’s faith.  Whatever someone needs to pull meaning out of life or make their day more positive and rewarding is their business.  I don’t care what book it comes from.  But it is that fanaticism that creates the problem.  Once it interferes with the affairs of the free state, it becomes a cancer that never goes away.  People stand behind our constitution when the things they like are being threatened, but they have no sense of irony when they want to trample the constitution to fulfill their individual beliefs.  That way of acting is selfish and just plain wrong.  It also demonstrates a profane understanding of faith and morality.  In our nation, “God” has been the go to argument as if it held a history of peace and understanding in the hands of man.  The products of religious fanaticism throughout history have always been fear, segregation, and violence.  But never once was Religious Fanaticism on trial here in the US.  Many stand by it and want to strengthen it.  Many want to push further and establish this country as a Christian nation.  According to the constitution we have already gone too far.  Our government has handicapped itself making laws respecting the establishment of religion.  The public is suffering and at war with themselves.  Our Nation is going through an identity crisis on many issues balancing faith versus ethics.  Some of the biggest topics that we fight about, such as Abortion and Gay rights are simple church and state issues in which religious fanatics use the government to the point of being unconstitutional.  Day by day, we are identifying ourselves more with the fanatics we are at war with and less with the pure drive that started this great nation.  It is destroying us from the inside.  So, instead of sacrificing our country to protect the Second Amendment, we should save our country by protecting the First.   

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