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Monday, August 5, 2013


    I'm consistently confronted with the way we define our roles here in this country, and how our country defines roles in the world.  After a redefinition of the word Terrorist back in 2002, we were all on the look out for anyone that could harm America in any way possible.  We found ways to circumvent our laws by labeling people as Terrorists and then doing whatever we wanted.  Well, I ask, at what point can we start labeling members of our government as Terrorists, specifically a large portion of our US Congress?  Members like Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and a host of others want nothing better than to shut this country down.  These are elected officials who don't believe in government.  That's like taking your car to a mechanic that doesn't believe in physics.
    They are perfectly content in cutting what makes America the outstanding country that it has always been.  If we were back in the 1700's, these people would be fighting for the British.  Of course, they have no problem receiving a ridiculous paycheck that dwarfs most Americans' as well as the health care they are denying to those same Americans.  They bicker and hold this country hostage with their juvenile tactics and not once are they labeled: Terrorists.  Osama Bin Laden could not have hoped to cripple this country as well as they are doing.  Not only that, they're proud of it and often boast of their lack of action and destructive intent.  And most Americans can see that they are doing what they are doing not because of some political belief, but because there is a black man in the white house.  They are against small businesses, against social spending, against schools, police stations, fire departments, union workers, minorities, women, homosexuals, children, the elderly, the poor, doctors, and farmers.  At what point are these elected officials seen for what they are?  I for one am labeling them Terrorists.  They are terrorizing this country and holding Americans hostage in order to preserve their way of life.  That way, of course, is protecting profits shared between the super rich and multinational corporations.  They hide behind religion and live in hypocrisy.  They couldn't care less for their fellow man, unless it is a fetus in the womb.  After it is countable by the census, they want nothing to do with it.
     There are clear cases of sexual harassment that result in America's forgiveness, when in every other business in this country those actions would result in termination.  I'm speaking of you, Bob Filner.  The entire state of Texas has denied rights to women, completely forgetting that they work for us. All elected officials work for us!  It's time, as their employers, that we send them packing.  The problem is, the only people who want to run for office are the corrupt.  They are teaching the world that the only way to get ahead is to cheat and steal.  Honesty, integrity, accountability; those are virtues that only suckers posses in this modern age.
    I understand that there are idiots, bigots, and haters in this world.  What I can't understand is why we enjoy their direction.  I also can't understand why members of the law enforcement, the military, our public education system, our small business owners, our healthcare providers, any minority, any young person, any old person, or why any one who is not a rich white male would vote Republican.  Do you really hate yourselves that much?

Can we please make America great again?!

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