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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Perspective People!

     It seems to me that the negative coverage of the Affordable Healthcare Act a.k.a. Obamacare is a bit disproportionate to the scale of events that we have all experienced in recent history. Of course if you watch FOX "News" then it doesn't matter what's actually happening, the coverage of it and anything Obama does will be negative. Even if they have to make it up.  But the coverage on MSNBC has taken the talking points from FOX and I find it a little shocking. There is talk of what a debacle the website has been and the possible resignation of Kathleen Sebelius and how this proves that the whole law is a failure of some kind. My response to the website situation is, So What!?  This is hardly the worst thing our nation has traversed in the last 10-12 years. In fact, all this demagoguery is all surrounding one of the most positive strides our government has attempted in a long time. We just went through a nonsensical government shutdown over a temper-tantrum that had actual casualties, both human and economic, and somehow we're caught up on a website failure. Rookie senators are using fiery rhetoric denouncing all the positive things that a government should do, all the while claiming that it is what they were elected to do. Well, wasn't the President also elected to do the things he is doing and by a much larger portion of America?
     I find it weird that the talking points are fixated on what a failure all of this is. Rome wasn't built in a day people.  And again, we're talking about a website... to provide Healthcare! It is a movement that is strongly opposed by heavily invested interests that make ridiculous profits to keep things the way they are. All within the last 12 years, there were Terrorist Attacks such as 911 that still wreaks of political trickanery which no investigations have been conducted, no blame was assigned, and no fault was accepted. We were pulled into unnecessary wars that were the cause of immeasurable harm to the future of this country. Things that were done were potential War Crimes of which no justice was sought. Just following was the financial collapse of the country which intern affected the entire world. Also, no blame or responsibility was accepted by anyone, and was not nearly the subject of accusations to the scale of this website failure. All of these things were propagated by private interests to make profits over the pain and suffering of their own Americans and was allowed to happen by a half-witted president that everyone came to defend. Now when a black president wants to fill in some of the gaps that many of our politicians and much of our healthcare system is happy to allow continue, we're all up in arms that it's not perfect on the first day. I make the distinction of a "black" president, because I believe that is a big factor in all of this. People are turning politics personal, and Americans are getting swept up in the battle lines. And sure, it's not the first time.  But on this scale it is just ridiculous. Such raw hate should not be leading the charge and viewpoints of how we are going to build this country and fix some of the problems that are in desperate need of fixing. But in the end, I guess ratings and profits matter.
     At least this proves one thing...  MSNBC is more nuanced, fair and balanced than FOX will ever be. They have no problem attacking a democratic administration for things that go wrong, where as FOX would have defended to the death any white Republican president doing the same thing.  I just wish we devoted the same righteous grandstanding to the things that are of high moral value yielding little profit as we do to the horrible atrocities we commit for the sake of high profits.  All I'm asking for is a little perspective.

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