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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Can I just settle world peace, for now?

I know, that's a bold claim to make, and I just cant help myself.

So, half of America has been aching to go to war with Iran. I bet you think I'm going to talk about the 47 US Senators who, again, lowered the bar for dick moves, but you'd be wrong. Well, you'd be right since I just did, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

Iran Sanctions! Come on, let's make it fun!

This complicated problem sounds very simple to me. On one hand, Iran wants to research and develop their nuclear capabilities, not for a bomb, but for energy.  Israel, and by extension, America, thinks they are lying and want to make a nuclear bomb to attack the west.  It's a classic case of "Liars Dice".  Somebody has to convince somebody of something.  See... Easy!

Now, I'll make it even easier. Why do we have to play this game? IF the goal in this situation to avoid a long and costly war, is that Iran wants energy development, why nuclear? Nuclear power is so 90's. It's on it's way out. The world experienced a recent disaster in Japan, the consequences of that have yet to be calculated or relayed to the rest of the world.  Nuclear power is so far beyond our understanding, in a sense. Its by product, even when things go well, is highly radio active for potentially Hundreds of Thousands of years. And we have no safe way to store it and plan for that future. Is that really something we should continue to play with? Moreover, what happens when things go wrong? That part of the world has not been exactly stable for the past thousand years, so the gamble goes up even more.

So, when there are so many other power sources available, why would nuclear be a good option for Iran even if we took them at their word?

The coalitions that are being developed to deploy sanctions, wag the finger, and then start wars could also come together to build one of the grandest solar or wind farms in the region. We could spend a fraction of the cost of war, spend 0 lives, and even make an ally or two in the process. Iran would then have unlimited, renewable power for as long as they maintain it.  They could grow as a nation as they wish to. We would be happy that their nuclear development has ceased. And the world may even learn from that lesson. The model for harnessing power could spread. We could start to change the way the whole developing world gets power, moving from fossil fuels to unlimited renewables. The world will be come cleaner and cooler. Droughts in that region would let up, easing more tensions. New industries would be created. Information would be spread. New technologies would be developed. The Earth would be saved. A new age in the palm of our hands.
...Or so it would seem.

Compared to war and people trying to convert everyone else to the same religion, this seems easier.


  1. Well said. Unfortunately, the oil industry and all the billionaires who have their fingers in the oily pie would never go along. Then there's what Eisenhower dubbed the "military industrial complex," and all the billionaires who have derived their wealth from that pie. I have the perfect solution. It's almost as simple as converting the world to renewable energy: Get rid of the billionaires.

  2. I know, I actually deleted a paragraph saying just that, and teasing that this will all take some time to do anyway, and in the meantime they can still stick it to us at the pump and profit off of us for at least a decade.

  3. Excellent idea, Matt, but I'm afraid war profiteers won't go for it. The 1% has too much money in arming and fighting, and the warmongers (whose children rarely serve), are still enraptured with the "glory" of military engagement. Peace and improving the lives of the world's people and environment don't seem to be exciting enough for our current ruling class of big money. But hang in there--we need thinkers like you to keep reminding us that there are better ways.